Target Drilling

Target Drilling 2016 Ltd

Tony Lamontagne took over Target Drilling in June 2016. It is no longer under the Target Drilling Inc name — it is now Target Drilling 2016 Ltd.

Tony Lamontagne

Tony has been working in the drilling industry for the past 23 years. He started out working in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, which eventually led him to explore the mining industry. Tony then moved to BC continuing to work in the mining industry. Tony has vast experience in the mining industry and worked in various positions including driller assistant, driller, foreman and Health/Safety Coordinator. Tony has worked on various projects throughout North American, Africa and Europe; he has extensive experience coring multiple mineral deposits. Tony’s ambitions led him in the direction of owning his own drilling company and when the opportunity presented itself he jumped at the chance to get started. Tony now owns and operates Target Drilling 2016 Ltd. and the company is based in Salmon Arm BC.

CORE Certified

Target Drilling was recently CORE Certified in 2015. This certification will remain with the company and Target Drilling Ltd. will continue to meet the requirements of this certification. Target Drilling Ltd. will continue to provide clients with quality core samples and efficient service at reasonable rates with safety at the forefront of all production. The company will continue to strive with no lost time accidents to date. Target Drilling Ltd. looks forward to future clientele and projects.

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